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    Lefty Blondie Press promotes the poetry of woman-identifying poets over the age of 40.
    The $20 reading fee supports Lefty Blondie Press's mission as we publish and promote the winning chapbook, cover the judge's fees, and continue to support the poet’s work with prize money.
Thank You

Our reading fee directly supports LBP's poets & mission. Thank You!

Lefty Blondie Press Jan Beatty Skydog Chapbook Carlos Hernandez Prints

SKYDOG (limited run chapbook)

by Jan Beatty

$20 includes US shipping

    “Jan Beatty’s … poems shimmer with luminous connection, travel a big life and grand map of encounters.” —Naomi Shihab Nye, The New York Times

    “Nobody has a better sense of the colloquial American idiom. Nobody among her contemporaries writes better poems about urban working-class life.” —Ed Ochester, Pitt Poetry Series
Psych Intake with Flames

All proceeds directly support LBP's poets & mission. Thank You!

Ravage Jan Beatty Lefty Blondie Press Chapbook

RAVAGE (limited run chapbook)

by Jan Beatty

$20 ONLY at White Whale Bookstore

    "To read the work of Jan Beatty is to experience the sensation of the book itself exploding in your grip. Beatty invents history, a self, and an intimate body-language with rage, precision, and poetic tenderness. A deep, sharp current pushes through these poems. The perfect edge before Beatty leaves us: spent, ravaged, and wet."     — Aaron Smith

All proceeds directly support LBP's poets & mission. Thank You!

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