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It's a wrap! Submissions now closed for the 2024 LBP 1st Chapbook Award

Honored! Delighted! Humbled! Ecstatic! Grateful! Thankful! Ochre! Pollywog!

Well, ok those last two are just words I love. But, that's why we do this, right? To play with language, shape lines on the page, pluck at the tensions that appear when we create a collection of poems. Sometimes, in order to say what we mean, poets turn nouns into adjectives. In this case, this litany of adjectives is an attempt to describe the depth of feeling Marguerite and I are experiencing as we begin reading the spectacular group of chapbook manuscripts we received this year.

It takes guts, grit, and determination to send your work out into the world.

Kudos to you. Truly. Deeply. Meadow. Thicket.

Now, we read.

And while we're entering these manuscripts with curiosity, openness, and a willingness to be challenged, you can support LBP by liking this post, sharing it with friends, or even popping over to the LBP Shop!

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