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Limited-Edition Letterpress Bookmark: "These Bodies" a Poem by Maria McLeod

Updated: Jun 11

Designed, set, and letterpress printed by designer, Ryan Kaune, this limited-edition bookmark of Maria McLeod's poem, "These Bodies," is selling fast and won't be available for long.

The speaker in "These Bodies," unflinchingly confronts the limitations of the physical body while bravely, even hopefully, indulges the ache of desire to share their interior self with another.

Ryan Kaune's original letterpress design

calls to mind the action of descent: floating feathers of a blackbird, the slipping title cushioned by three stanzas, the text of each rotated 90 degrees. . By placing text on both the vertical and horizonal, Kaune's design displays the tension in McLeod's poem. The orange-red ink is reminiscent of blood, of heart, of the red in a blackbirds wing.

Visceral and haunting, Marguerite and I knew we wanted to publish it as part of LBP's collaboration with letterpress printer, Ryan Kaune. Though named LBP Editors' Choice Broadside Series, we felt the bookmark format would serve this poem well.

Welcome to the series, volume 1.5.


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that promotes the poetry of woman-identifying and non-binary poets.


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