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Poems by Kelley Beeson
Winner of the 2023 Lefty Blondie Press First Chapbook Award
Published in 2023 by Lefty Blondie Press
Hand-trimmed, handbound, & hand-numbered
1st printing: limited run 250
Soft cover
36 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9860932-1-5    

Undress by Kelley Beeson

  • Praise for Kelley Beeson's Poetry:

    "Undress is a... journey, one full of stillness and booming, surety and questions, and “the confusing sparks of electricity and chaos” that keep me wanting more."   

    Michelle Stoner, judge 2023 LBP First Chapbook Award

    "Beyond love, beyond being left, beyond carrying our dead by dancing with them, beyond everything that we tend and wreck, nourish and burn, grieve and dream, is a nakedness light as drugstore ribbon. These sly, tender, affectionate poems will, before you know it, undress you."   

    Joy Katz, author of All You Do Is Perceive

    "... Beeson’s staggering imagination and unruly images are unparalleled, as the speaker leaps and conjures language: "I am a talkative Carolina Wren." Beeson owns the body’s manifesto: "…a great cathedral in my pelvis." A stunning book." 

    —Jan Beatty, The Body Wars, University of Pittsburgh Press

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